We are Popup Media, an award-winning full-service marketing agency and video production company based in Vancouver. Our team is comprised of a group of masterminds dedicated to helping businesses like yours thrive through impactful strategies and solutions.


Justin Zhou

With a passion for marketing, sales, and growth, Justin uses his 11+ years of marketing and management experience to develop marketing strategies that help clients achieve their business goals. While ensuring we solve our clients' challenges, his executive vision drives Popup to progress and achieve a more productive team performance. In his spare time, you can see him fly high on basketball courts.

Tina Wu

Operations & Project Manager
Creative, visionary, and organized, Tina has 10+ years of professional experience in the multimedia industry. She always keeps herself well-informed with new trends, and makes sure projects run smoothly with outstanding results. Besides that, she is also a passionate outdoor adventurer with endless energy!

Neil Yang

Operations Coordinator & Analytics Specialist
Neil is the excellent problem-solver at PopUp. He helps our team develop effective marketing strategies with his expertise on gathering data and analyzing results. He also assists with project management and ensures smooth daily operations as an excellent operations coordinator. Plus, he is a romantic poet who loves playing guitar!

Fernando R. Acuna

Creative Director
Fernando is our big-picture professional! He has a strong understanding of industry trends and excels at nurturing creative ideas to reality. From the initial concept to final manifestation, he determines the overall aesthetic beauty of the project, and ensures the creative output is consistent with the overall brand. He also loves reading in his spare time.

Amelie Dai

Copywriter & Marketing Coordinator
Amelie has a Chinese journalism background. She has a keen insight into the trendy affairs that allow her to create eye-catching content to impress audiences. She keeps up to date with the latest digital technologies to assist the team with designing and implementing marketing campaigns. After work, she is a bubble tea enthusiast!

Mei Ling Kwok

Designer & Social Media Specialist
Born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Mei Ling is an architecture graduate from The University of Hong Kong. Through hands-on experience as a creative author and digital artist to create and manage media content, she combines her skills at PopUp as a passionate graphic designer and social media specialist. She also has an aspiring hobby as a hip hop dancer.

Teo Taboada

Teo knows how to tell a story and makes it compelling for viewers. As an aspiring content creator with years of experience in the film industry, he makes sure that every moment is perfectly displayed on screen with his firm grasp of each aspect of the filmmaking process. After work, he is a foodie who craves Chinese cuisine!

Virginia Ding

Virginia is a critical writer at PopUp. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, was a lecturer at universities, and worked as a journalist at Phoenix TV. Her multitude of experiences are the stimulus for her continuous innovative ideas. She is also fascinated with Traditional Chinese Medicine.